Bento Fun #349 – Totoro Bento 2

When autumn sets in, the mood to make cute bento fades… as the sky is always gloomy so it is difficult to get nice photos in the morning. I hardly pack any kyaraben now as it can be pretty rush in the morning.

This is another Totoro bento I make a while back…. yeah, it was so long ago and I am only posting it now! 😆


The breads sold here is too soft and the texture is not nice to make shape sandwiches.



Bento Fun #289 – Totoro Bento


Finally, it is weekend!

The weather is exceptionally hot this whole week and that means it is good news for all durian lovers as this weekend there will be loads of them available! My hubby is very happy that he can savor the King of fruits to his heart content as we might not be around next year during the season. If you must know, Penang has among the best species of durian in the world. In fact, we have been to the farms the past weeks just to taste some of these special species.

Ok, back to bento. Again, I was out of idea what to do for Darrius’s bento this morning. Quickly, I went to flip on some bento books and since I have the choclate bread, I thought why not a Totoro??? I hardly make these Japanese characters as I am not so into them personally except for a few like Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and My Melody. However, as an avid bento-ist, I should at least try doing some of them and introduce them to Darrius as well as all new bento-ists out there! 😀 And so, Totoro it is for today!



Totoro was made of a chocolate bread with cheese sammy. I cut the white part out of a slice of white bread and stuck it on with some strawberry jam. The ears are cut out from the bread crust and stuck on using strips of angel hair pasta.

On the sides, there are an omelette flower, a strawberry and a yellow cherry tomato.

Darrius told me he only wanted small-small bento coz he said he can’t finish big-big bento. The problem is, he spent too much time talking and playing that he has not enough time eating! 😛

That’s all for today and I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend ahead!